Flight Attendant REALLY Wants Your Attention

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    Hello everyone, this is YOUR Daily Dose of Internet. In this video, a flight attendant really wants your attention.

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    Also in this video, I show you the most powerful telescope in the world. A pigeon likes to get aggressive pets. A cat gets impatient. A possum jumps on a woman's dress. Someone bought the wrong gift card. Someone recorded the view on Mt. Everest.

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Zengrath +66

Thanks so much! I was just about to leave on my trip to climb Mt. Everest but this video saved me so much time.

14 dagen geleden
Ana Hoffman +57
Ana Hoffman

End nearly gave me a heart attack- thanks for everything you put together for us! ❤️

14 dagen geleden
Zak El +6
Zak El

The dad jokes are strong with this one.

14 dagen geleden
Ali Mo +3
Ali Mo

The look on my sons face when you said that this was your last video was PRICELESS 😂 he’s 6 and we watch these videos together every time you make new ones he’s there for it. He was crushed for a quick second.

14 dagen geleden
Livyatan +1

I like that everyone's talking about how DDOI's joke at the end was scary,

14 dagen geleden
Jerrico Martinez +805
Jerrico Martinez

That person who recorded what the top of mount everest looks like probably saved many lives.

14 dagen geleden
Wizard Suth +782
Wizard Suth

Funny how people make such a big deal out of climbing Everest but never give much credit to the Sherpas who not only do so regularly but help others reach the summit.

14 dagen geleden
Arianna Gabrielle +5
Arianna Gabrielle

Dude you really scared me for a second there. So glad you're not quitting you bring me so much happiness

14 dagen geleden
Bone Apple Tea +2
Bone Apple Tea

Love how that car runs that lady over while the guy talks about the camera's great detection features.

14 dagen geleden
Erika Heki +1
Erika Heki

I got a mini heart attack when he said, "last video I will ever make....in 2021". That pause was a little too long. Thank goodness he's not ending his channel. It's one of the only things that keeps me sane.

14 dagen geleden
Klaus stan 👻💊 +97
Klaus stan 👻💊

I can’t get over daily dose of internet’s laugh 😌 it’s a blessing tbh 💖

14 dagen geleden
PrincessSugarSparklesCookiesAndCreamIII +704

I was about to sue someone or something when he said that “this was his last video….of 2021” but all was good when I heard him laugh. Tysm for the amazing videos!

14 dagen geleden
The Crimson +234
The Crimson

“It can even detect this pedestrian here. And it can tell the difference between a sedan and a pick up truck.”

14 dagen geleden
Kermit DeeFrog +13
Kermit DeeFrog

I thought you were actually were going to stop posting, but never do so, you’re amazing, bloopers are always a good idea, you should definitely add them if you have them.

14 dagen geleden
Buff Kirbo +165
Buff Kirbo

I love how it goes from “we just launched the most powerful telescope ever into space, making a huge leap” to “watch this guy crack ice with his head”

14 dagen geleden
Thomas R. Stevenson +320
Thomas R. Stevenson


14 dagen geleden
_Wendig0_ +47

Don't know why but to hear him laugh after only hearing him do monotone overlaps of videos makes me happy- and I'm very glad you aren't quitting✨🌸❤

Dag geleden
DaniH +507

That flight attendant looks like he’s from WestJet, a Canadian airline. I’ve flown with them before and their flight attendants often do a really funny pre-flight “show”. I’m sure it keeps the passengers feeling a little happier, it has for me. Canadian airlines are always fun to fly. :)

14 dagen geleden
Alex Williams +2
Alex Williams

Just goes to show just how much you really mean to the world when your tease at the end gave us all a collective heart attack :')

Dag geleden
Jamar Quvious +319
Jamar Quvious

Climbing mount everest is not about reaching the summit, it's about passing by dead people and your fallen friends along the way.

14 dagen geleden


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