Man with an Inflatable Tongue

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    Hello everyone, this is YOUR Daily Dose of Internet. In this video, a man has an inflatable tongue.

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    Also in this video, a guy compliments random people. An earthquake shakes an office building. A kid wants some chocolate milk. A dog is trying to remove a tree branch. A rhino lifts an entire log. A beetle takes a bath.

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Kyle King +53
Kyle King

the fact a dog even has the ability to smell blood sugar levels is mindblowing

AFR0PR1NC3 +16

I love how those two elk immediately stopped fighting when they hit the car, like when you’re wrestling with your brother and break mom’s vase and the fun and games are over instantly.

Just Some Guy without a Mustache +15
Just Some Guy without a Mustache

That man can surely hide pickles under his tongue like Bubble Bass

B1 battle droid +4
B1 battle droid

I love how shady the kid looks when he asked if she wanted chocolate milk


I love how no matter the situation this guy can improve my mood in the matter of seconds

Sonia’s Way +3
Sonia’s Way

Daily Dose : “No one loves drinking milk as much as this cat”

Spoopy Things +382
Spoopy Things

The People: ”Oh my god! He`s showing off! So cool!”

Mommy123go +15

As a diabetic, seeing a dog that can tell when your blood sugar is low is extremely impressive and amazing.

Somanshu Aikat +943
Somanshu Aikat

Why is nobody talking about how that man was barely centimeters away from dying by colliding with that speeding bus?

Chase Worthington +4
Chase Worthington

The look on that kid’s face is priceless!

RubbishNubbish +246


Strawberry Milk +895
Strawberry Milk

The compliment one made me genuinely happy for some reason, I like seeing people laughing and smiling together lol

Gnonymous J +51
Gnonymous J

Can we just take the time to thank this guy for never click baiting us, he deserves our respect

JohnStephenWalsh +7

"Leave some women for the rest of us" Genuinely funny. What a good guy.

Toxic +5

Dogs start to poke lady to tell her that her blood sugar is too low, but honestly that looks like the best way to annoy the hell out of someone for treats.

Uwarobosa Obasuyi +360
Uwarobosa Obasuyi

The fact that a dog can tell when your blood sugar level is low is extremely overwhelming and amazing!!

Albert Li +41
Albert Li

“You want chocolate milk?” “What?” “You want chocolate milk?” “Are ya going to get it?” “Yup.” XD

Mat +227

The one of the guy with the random compliments had me laughing so hard. The two guys had good attitude about it too, which made it funnier.

Dead +7

I find it adorable that dogs are so loyal they try anything to tell you when something isn’t right

Error’s Void +257
Error’s Void

it’s all fun and games until he says “hello everyone, this is OUR daily dose of internet”


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