Spiderman Ignores Police Officer

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    Hello everyone, this is YOUR Daily Dose of Internet. In this video, Spiderman ignores a police officer.

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    Also in this video, someone goes down a slide on a bike. This guy is really good at pouring ketchup. A waiter spills and breaks all the drinks. An animal breaks glasses in a grocery store. An eagle enjoys being pet.

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Ladenstarfish +43

Maybe he didn't come down because he had no way home

Dag geleden
Just Some Guy without a Mustache +15
Just Some Guy without a Mustache

If the multiverse does exist, then this is canon to the Spider-Man storyline.

Dag geleden
Erik R +5
Erik R

Lady: “You just passed 6,000 followers!”

Dag geleden
Al DeY +2
Al DeY

Police Officer: "you're not supposed to be up there!"

Dag geleden
Jelly Blueberry +638
Jelly Blueberry

I love how the police officer just go like"I'm not dealing with this today"

Dag geleden
A Frog +2
A Frog

The waiter literally just accepted his fate. He didn’t even try to stop it from falling 😂

Dag geleden
shane jones +106
shane jones

Is everyone just going to ignore the immense skill of the "ketchup boss?"

Dag geleden
Fitra Eri +3
Fitra Eri


Dag geleden
Bill Cipher +892
Bill Cipher

Why is nobody talking about that gentle eagle? He seems like such a good boi.

Dag geleden
JimDP Animation +898
JimDP Animation

The waiter's face is a perfect representation of us during the last two years

Dag geleden
VikingsBeard +134


Dag geleden
Joseph Ben-Obasa +513
Joseph Ben-Obasa

My goodness, I feel so bad for the waiter. That's one of the scariest situations that I've ever imagined while working at the bar

Dag geleden
Pierre Villemaire-Brooks +31
Pierre Villemaire-Brooks

The reaction of that chipmunk is absolutely priceless xD

Dag geleden
PuzzLEGO +4

The cop clearly didn’t know who she was dealing with

Dag geleden
zeph +118

cop: “get the hell down, you’re drunk”

Dag geleden
Kamoonra The Wolf God +114
Kamoonra The Wolf God

These clips were really epic in my opinion. I loved them all. The eagle was adorable and so was the chipmunk.

Dag geleden
gjj101 +49

Now if she actually hits the ground, the dog's gonna be like "Nope, not falling for that one again!"

Dag geleden

Bruuuh, the way that monkey goes: "oh" so softly is just hilarious

Dag geleden
MrTonaBoi +11

I love how he says “please listen to the rats eating raw pasta noodles” I’m like wow so polite

Dag geleden
BadCreations +9

I love how the cop is just so done with Spider-Man once he started dancing

Dag geleden


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