She Tried Flirting with the Grinch

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    Hello everyone, this is YOUR Daily Dose of Internet. In this video, someone recorded a video of the Grinch out in the wild.

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    Welcome to your Daily Dose of Internet where I search for the best trending videos, or videos people have forgotten about, and put them all in one video. I upload 2-3 times a week to keep video quality high. I always ask for permission to share videos that I find!

    In this video, I show a timelapse of clouds moving on a beach. A dog tries to eat a hot dog. People make a T-Shirt for a security guard. Fans help little fan get a ball. Some guys have some fun with boba tea. An iguana goes for a swim in the ocean.

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Boyan Nikolov +78
Boyan Nikolov

Happy Birthday to you DDOI, you've brought smiles and laughter to the faces of millions of people, we really appreciate you being here for us.

Michael Ortega +64
Michael Ortega

Can we all wish him happy Birthday 🎂? He works so hard to bring us daily doses of Joy!

Milotic +451

Hearing you chuckle while reading out one of the things honestly made my day

Glue +458

Happy birthday Daily Dose of Internet, you’re an amazing person and have a big future ahead of you. Thank you for all of your entertaining videos.

Kitsune +14

Happy belated birthday daily dose of internet! I really appreciate/love the work you do and only wish I could be as talented and well off as you! 😊

21 dag geleden
Brian Dormisch +104
Brian Dormisch

Happy belated Birthday! I just wanted to say that I really appreciate your selections of videos, that can easily make me go from being amazed, to laugh, and more. Also the lack of click-baiting and overall honesty are very much appreciated :)

Jennifer Jerkins +1
Jennifer Jerkins

This man goes all out on his birthday to just give us a present of entertainment, that is true respect

4 uur geleden
Lay Lobinson +95
Lay Lobinson

To me, every video you put out is like a birthday present of joy.

fatcat990 +66

this is so late but- happy birthday, man! your videos have always brought me alot of joy in rough patches, and in general. i always get so excited to see you post. ive been watching you for years now and youre definitely one of my favourite youtubers. i always look forward to you, i look for your videos everytime i come onto youtube, hoping to see a new upload! i rly appreciate all that u do, and im sure so so many others do too. i hope that u had a rly good bday, man. <3 :)

Jen57 +26

I know this is late but, ୨୧ᕼᗩᑭᑭY ᗷIᖇTᕼᗞᗩY୨୧. Hope you have many more. Keep up with the great videos, love them. ❣️🧁🍰🎂🎊

14 dagen geleden
Hjert Raa +32
Hjert Raa

Happy birthday DDOI, you've brought countless smiles to my face and I really appreciate your content

Ninja +320


momo resurrected +2
momo  resurrected

the grinch was so accurate

Biscuit +29

HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! I've been a fan since late 2019 and its been so much fun seeing you slowly grow into the amazing creator you are today.

Inheritance +12

Happy birthday, ddoi. Even thought a bit late, still apprecieate the work you do to make people smile and make their day better.

ShadowDemonLord +4

Happy late birthday man I hope it was good and I hope you continue to grow! Your videos have always entertained me and so many others so on behalf of all of them I thank you! Make sure to take a break and get some rest and relaxation man you deserve it!!!

KB Kimber +39
KB Kimber

Happy always make everyone who gets into your vids extremely appreciated with the content you drop THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!

Fly614light +10

Happy birthday man! You really deserve all the love in the world and respect. Love you man, great videos.

Jim Browning +671
Jim Browning

Thanks for making everyone's day DDOI. Enjoy your birthday.

Catherine du Toit +13
Catherine du Toit

Dear DDOI. You have been the thin but very present silver lining in a somewhat sad and miserable dark year. The way you always "find" amazing things, share moments of beauty and reassure us about "no one getting hurt" really does make one feel a little better. Thank you for your humour and your kindness - AND for all the cats. Hope you had a great birthday.


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